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Frequently asked questions...

Which types of buildings is the system compatible with?

Our system is suitable for almost all types of buildings. Whether a private home or a historical, listed church: the Tagema 9000 system can be used flexibly. Only the effective radius is limited so that the installation of several units may be necessary in larger buildings.

How long does it take before my walls are dry?

The Tagema 9000 system works permanently from the point of installation in the building. Depending on the properties of the masonry, a visible reduction in moisture can be seen after just three months.

How dry will my walls become?

The moisture in your masonry will reduce down to a certain minimum point over the course of time. This minimum point is usually formed by the natural moisture balance of the masonry and makes sure that the walls in your building do not become "dried out" and therefore cracked or brittle.

How high are the annual electricity costs?

The consumption of our units is extremely low and, with 3 to 5 Watts, can be compared with the stand-by mode of an electronic entertainment unit. The resulting electricity costs are therefore between 3 and 10 € per year.

Are there any health risks involved with the electromagnetic radiation?

The radiation emitted by the Tagema 9000 system is perfectly safe for humans and animals. The system is produced in Germany under the strictest EMC guidelines and radiation when in use is much lower than that of a mobile telephone or television.